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DARBLY Immersive Monthly - March 2019
Saturday, March 30
Doors Open - 5:00PM
All ages | $5 Spectator | $10 Venue Fee | $5 Entry


DARBLY Immersive Monthly (DIM) will be a monthly event designed to create a unique gaming experience. We invite players of all ages to test their skills against some of the biggest talent in the city. Please make sure you bring your own controller! Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. Game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate EVENT FEES: Venue fee: $10 (Helps cover equipment, and technical support) Spectator fee: $5 Singles Entry: $5 (waived $5 [from venue fee] for bringing Nintendo Switch + HDMI Cable+ Smash Ultimate + Gamecube Adapter + DLC, please have it updated to latest patches) We will provide 9 monitors, so please consider bringing your setup so that we can have a fast and enjoyable tournament experience filled with friendlies!


DARBLY is a technology driven entertainment company who partners with artists to develop, create and promote highly immersive content and experiences. With a passion for the independent artist and an expertise in business, technology and analytics, DARBLY provides resources across ARTIST management and development, CONTENT creation and promotion and EVENT curation and production for its partners and clients.

Quark Esports

Quark Esports is an organization that focuses on creating a healthy and safe environment for gamers so that they’re able to reach their full potential. We’re interested in bringing people together from all walks of life to share a common interest. Gracious professionalism is our main core-value that allows us to do just that, by cooperating with organizations, tournament organizers and venue spaces we’re able to build a striving community and high-quality events.

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